We Built Our Values into Time I Work
Time I Work started nearly five years ago with a desire to build a time capture and billing software solution without the shortcuts and inefficiencies of the tools we were used to using as IT professionals. Now, it's a software suite capable of managing a full-scale small business across multiple industries. It's the product of our unwavering commitment to our values. It's precision perfected.
About Time I Work
  1. Created and launched by XMP Software LLC in 2014, Time I Work is a web-based small business management software suite designed to optimize day-to-day operations for any company with billable hours, including managed services providers, law firms, consultancies, marketing agencies, and freelancers in these industries. With its powerful features for ticketing, scheduling, time capture, billing, invoicing, and reporting, Time I Work offers an all-in-one solution for any business looking to increase profitability, productivity, and efficiency.
About XMP Software
  1. With the belief that software companies build products (and not the other way around), XMP Software LLC (xmpsoft) was unofficially founded in 2014 when IT technician Max Hess and expert programmer Alex Galiyev teamed up with a vision to deliver a small business management application -- Time I Work -- that the end user would enjoy using daily. Built methodically with precision and perfection -- the official guiding principles of xmpsoft -- over the course of five years, Time I Work is xmpsoft's flagship software solution.
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