At Time I Work, we pride ourselves on the myriad unique, built-from-scratch features that make our product stand out from our competitors.
Every feature was painstakingly tested and perfected to create the most user-friendly, time-efficient, and eye-pleasing business management suite that we could offer.
We're sure that adding Time I Work to your workflow will take your company's productivity, confidence, and profitability to new heights.
Client Organization
A company can't thrive without its clients, so it always pays to have an efficient system for keeping your clients' information in order.

With Time I Work, you get a robust database to document and organize your clients, their individual contacts, billing representatives, work locations and more!
Ticketing System
Whether you prefer to call them tickets, work orders, or cases (Time I Work is customizable!), your company needs a way to document and track the work you do for your clients, and the work your employees do for you. Thankfully, Time I Work's fully-featured Ticketing System will do just that!

Keep workflow running smoothly by setting a ticket's Priority and Status, organize tickets into Queues, then use the Timer and Time Entry system to capture the work you do on each ticket!
Keep your workday on track with Time I Work's unique Assigning & Scheduling system. Enjoy seamless integration with your Exchange email, Gmail, iPhone calendar, Android calendar and more.

View your daily, weekly, or monthly work outlook, or check your colleagues' if you need a favor!
Billing Services and Rates
Do you provide multiple services for your clients? Charge different rates for higher-priority work? Want to round your billable work to the nearest fifteen minutes? Half-hour? Use Time I Work's incredibly powerful billing system to set Services and Rates company-wide, or create custom Services and Rates for each individual client.

With Time I Work, you can bill your clients for the work you do while always being sure that the rate is fair to everyone!
Invoicing and Payments
Turn your hard work into revenue in seconds by utilizing Time I Work's convenient Invoicing system. Just check the time entries and charges you want to bill for, click the Create Invoice button, and go! Your new invoice is generated in an instant.

From there, post the invoice to your Client's account, download a PDF version, email it to their billing contact for payment, and then mark it paid once the payment is complete. We think you'll love its simplicity!
QuickbooksQuickbooks Intergration
Time I Work integrates with QuickBooks Desktop to keep your clients, inventory, tax items and groups, charges, and services synced. New to Time I Work? Use the one-time import feature to make us part of your workflow in an instant!
Need an itemized report of how many tickets you worked for a client this year? Need to track your employees' billable hours to see who gets that coveted end-of-year bonus? Curious to see how much money Time I Work made you this year? Query to your heart's desire with Time I Work's built-in reporting system!

Utilize Time I Work's built-in search queries for quick reporting or create your own if you need to go a bit abstract. The power is yours with Time I Work!