Ticketing & Time Capture
Track and streamline everything from simple tasks to long-term projects to ensure jobs get done on-time for your clients. Set ticket priority and status, organize queues, then use the timer and time entry fields to capture the work you do on each ticket.
Scheduling & Task Assignment
Schedule and assign tasks for yourself and other team members through our intuitive user interface. Easily integrate existing calendars from third-party apps to assess workloads at a glance with full visibility of user availability.
Reusable Billing Services & Rates
Build your own internal templates of services and rates for billing either overall or by individual customer. Enable users to effortlessly pick and choose the right option for the type of work completed to enable fair, consistent billing that benefits both you and your clients.
Inventory & Expense Management
Manage your company's inventory and track expenses like food and travel that go beyond services rendered. Match unbilled inventory and expense charges to the appropriate customer invoice and rest assured you're not leaking revenue in these areas.
One-Click Invoice Generation
Take your team's tasks full circle with one-click invoice generation that automatically creates invoices based on the time entries and charges you select. From there, just send the invoice PDF to your client's billing and mark it paid once the payment is received.
Customized Reports
Get customized reports on any metric you can think of to share with your clients or colleagues. Quantify tickets by time period, track revenue, compare billable hours between team members, and so much more with this powerful feature.
  1. Optimize day-to-day business operations
  2. Increase profitability & productivity
  3. Reduce effort around tracking, billing, & invoicing
  4. Improve client trust, transparency, & satisfaction
Customer Testimonials
  1. "As a freelance writer, I use Time I Work to track and document my tasks and hours to provide customers insight into my process and essentially prove I'm not just making things up on the invoice. It's a no-frills, easy-to-use solution for managing my busy schedule, keeping myself productive, and building up client trust."

    - Scott Rayburn, Freelance Copywriter
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